Al Padron

AKA: Alley Kat

Nickname: Tha Raptor Killa

Age: 29   H:6'   W:265

From: San Jo, CA


Position: Doggie and 1st Base

MLB Heroes: Piazza, Griffey

Most memorable moment in BAD ASS:

-Striking out three times in one game

-Finally getting on base

-Taking hits away from Ed and Rob at buck short to win Gold Glove (Thanks guys!)

Records and Accomplishments:

-Made it out for more than one game

-Career strikeouts leader

Off season: Going to birthday parties

Compared to: Mo Vaughn

Know for: Having too many excuses not to play (birthday parties)

Intro Music: "How Do You Want It?" 2-pac

Quote: "Big Al, bitch, so you know who said it!"