Welcome to BAD ASS BASEBALL, where the field is a ban box and 6 men to a team is more then enough for a bad ass competitive game. If you hit .400 in this league you are the equivalent of Ozzy Canseco. Hit an average of .750 and you will look like Mr. Freeze Ted Willams the year he hit .400. Who knows how many homeruns it will take to be the Barry Bonds of this league, and we will have to wait to see who turns out to be the Pete Rose of Bad Ass Baseball, but in our league it will have to be triple the regular # of the MLB.

First and foremost we have awards each game, A gold glove for best fielding performance or just great single play. M.V.P, best player of the day, and the best award is Small Penis of the game. This award is for the biggest and most complete pile of shit who, cries and sucks during the game. At the end of our season we will have trophies for each stat, such as…singles, doubles, triples, HRs, B.A, Small dick of the year, Gold gloves and M.V.P. At the end of the year all the players will vote for their top 3 gold glove nominees. The top 3 vote getters will win gold glove of the year.

The configuration is pretty easy to grasp. If we have 6 on 6 we play with a center fielder, a left fielder, 3rd baseman, shortstop, buck short, and a 1st baseman. If we only have 5 on 5 then we have no 1st baseman and it becomes pitchers hand for the 1st base out. Now that we have the positions down, it's on to the rules of the game. If you are a right-handed hitter these are for you, if you hit the ball to the right of center field then it's a foul ball, 2 fouls and you're out! There is no tagging up on a fly ball and of course no stealing (unless it's from somebody's bag in the dugout). The other 2 rules are that you pitch to your own team and if you hit the ball over the fence in between the foul poles, it counts as a homerun.

The first annual season of Bad Ass Baseball looks to have the makings of a mess! But a mess with records that will be made to be broken!