Ain't no Bitch
Written and performed by Gee Loc
Copyright 1997, by BAD MOFO Productions

Gee Loc, straight lyrical assassin,
Droppin' my flow cuz you it's in fashion,
A lil sumin sumin to keep ya ears ringin',
Hardcore raps thats all I'm bringin'
No singin' will you find on my tracks,
I can flow on the mic but my singin' is wack,
Fuck R&B we ain't Jodeci,
Rhymes so tough that they sting like a bee,
Suck your blood like a flea or Dracula,
Have the ladies saying Gee Loc is spectacular,
It's true, they call me a ladies man,
And I can make your lady my number 1 fan,
Women call me a dog and they say I'm wrong,
Every damn day it's the same old song.,
If it ain't one bitch it's a mothafuckinother,
So now I gotta go give this dick to your mother,
I'm fuckin that fat bitch outta spite,
It really don't matter what the hoe looks like,
A little payback for the shit you had to talk,
I fucked her so good that she can't even walk,
Now that I ran through you I kick you to the curb,
Cause millions of hoes would love to observe,
Me teachin' class just like a professor,
Shut up bitch, get your ass on the dresser,
Cause I ain't with the conventional positions,
When I dominate you all that's left is submission,
And when I'm done with you I'll drop you just the same,
Cause to me it's all one big game,

Does he look like a bitch? Noooooo!
Then why'd you try to fuck him like a bitch?

So it's on to the next freak of the week,
And if she tweaks, it's my fist to her cheek,
Normally I don't like to hit ladies,
But what can I do when a bitch gets crazy,
She steps out of line or gets out of pocket,
I'll start beating her ass till my boys say stop it,
They had to pull me off before I get arrested,
I'm Gee Loc and I don't get tested,
If I do, then I always pass,
And if I don't, that's your ass,
Cause I ain't no bitch like the chorus said,
I'll straight bust caps upside your head,
Till your dead, yeah that's what I said,
Then I'll fuck your bitch in your old bed,
I'll make her forget all about the loss,
Now it's my salad that your bitch will toss,
She goes down on me at least twice a week,
Didn't you know that bitch is a freak,
Your mom steps up and says I ain't right,
I say, Fuck off Bitch and suck my Nuts!!!


I'm known to fuck hoes most niggas won't touch,
And I pop that cherry just like a clutch,
Cause I don't give a fuck who's in my bed,
Whoever she is better give me some head,
I fucked some ugly bitches in my time,
And I ain't afraid to say it in my rhyme,
Who gives a fuck what yall think,
As long as the pussy's pink and don't stink,
I'm all about knockin' the boots,
I even fucked an extra from the movie roots,
As long as it's pussy and it's got hair,
Just like Michael Jackson, I'll be there,
With my dick bodly going where none have gone before it,
And like Columbus, I'm out to explore it.