This Bitch I Know
Written and performed by J.J.
Copyright, 1995 by BAD MOFO Productions

This is J.J. on the mic,
I'm gunna mess up, so just deal with it. Don't even think about it.

This rhyme done be about a bitch I know,
I won't give out her name, but this is how it goes,
This bitch had mutha fuckin big ass hooters,
Twenty four inch waist and a booty to make you say,
Tadow, tadow, how you like them now?
And this bitch, was walkin down the hall,
I turned to this bitch and gave her this call,
I said Yo Ms. big ass hooter chick,
You think you're slick,
You got big ass hooters that make other girls sick,
And if you happen to let me touch them,
I'll give you this good jug,
And I'll stick up your coochie, my straight 8 thug,
(Beat box)
Then she says I gotta boyfriend,
I said I don't be caring, cuz I got tha juice,
I make you feel so loose,
You know I like it like that,
Don't you know that?
She says, Yeah, I know you got the juice,
Then she started crying,
I says, Yo bitch, dry your muthafuckin eye,
He comes your boyfriend with his mo fuckaz,
This mo fucka stepped up to me so I clocked him in his eye,
Punched him in the belly and stepped on his nads,
Yo, I just kicked this mofos ass!
Now the bitch was mine,
Took her to my crib to show her a good time,
Got in to me bed and started kickin,
This bitches panties, is what I'm rippin,
Rollin' faster than a muthafuckin dirt bike,
This was a piece of pussy that you all like,
Like to eat it, like to fuck it,
Grabbed her tit, then nutted,
That done be how it went,
So later niggaz!