Let me tell ya'll a story bout a man named Dave,

He's moving to Missouri to be with his babe,

All his friends say that he's a dumb fuck,

Once he gets there he's gonna buy himself a truck,

Chevy that is, 4x4, Gun Rack...

Next thing you know Dave's doing up his hair,

Says to his friends I'm gettin outta here, said

Missouri is where I gotta be,

So he packs all his clothes and heads to K.C.

Missouri that is, Tornados, The Chiefs...

Now he's got himself a place with his girl Lori,

Him moving cross country was dumb as all can be,

All his friends objected, but he didn't care,

All he knows is there's a piece of ass out there,

Booty that is, Putang, Horizontal Mambo...

Now Dave must say goodbye to all of his friends,

He says one day he'll be back again,

But his friends know that this could be it,

All cause some girl let feel her tit,

Breast that is, boobs, knockers...

Dave come back...