Drop It
Written and performed by Pimp Daddy T.
Copyright 1995 by Bad Mofo Productions

Drop it.

(Gives props and shots out)

I was chillen in tha park one day,
Just me and my nine tre,
When this bitch, walkin down my way,
And this bitch was OH, she was like ping-pow-tadow,
So I says wassup girl?
She takes one look at me,
And says nigga please!
This bitch done dis me,
So I pull out my bankrolls,
Cuz this beyatch be beautifuls,
She knew tha game,
So I says let's go behind that train,
But then it stated raining,
And I did not bring my activator,
So then I was like should I get tha skins or set my jerhi curl?
(Beat box)
So I hit tha skins as you can hear,
So I just got me a high top fade,
Then I forgets what happens next,
So I do remember, I want a drink,
So first things first, obey your thirst,
Crenshaw in tha howse! Mo Fuckaz!

Thank you. I thank nobody but myself.