-This shit is one phat as hard knocking track set to be recorded in our next album-
Written by J.J.
Copyright 1999, by BAD MOFO Productions


jj: yo, hommies what u looking for when u peeping bitches?
g: i want one of them big fucken titty bitches with a dope body, that just wants to ride my schlong!
Kfc: shit mang, i like them bitches that put out like "fuckings" going out of style, nomsayin!?
Pdt: i like a trick that dont know my game , so its eba so easy to hit da skins!
jj: i hear ya mofukas , i guess you can say we just all looking for PERFUCKTION!!!!!

Perfucktion is simple, let me explain
its any bitch that will bite on your game
you take her back home, you might know her for an hour
you close that door and the hit the shower
quicker then lightening she's on your dick
bobbing and weaving working that shit
stick it in her mouth then titty fuck her
then what the fuck , you go down on her!
69ing and all that jazz
lay her on back and tap dat ass
tearing up dat pussy thats shaved and bald
put her on her knees and fuck her like a dog
this bitches pussy is tight as fuck ,watch out Hoe i'm about to nut!

Perfucktion! Perfucktion!
Thats what we want!
Easy ass tricks that like to fuck!
Cuz you all know about the MxFo crew !
So watch out bitch , our next victim might be you!

a perfucktion bitch will do as follows
she'll suck you off and even swallows
she has big tittes and shaves her pussy
a stud in her tongue and lets us fuck her in her tushy
she dont mind if we video tape it
hell she'll even bring her friends ...butt naked.
for me and faust , gee loc too, pdt the whole crew
cuz thats how we do it cuz were living large
Mxfo bitches r simply..


Bitch dont be calling my house or paging my beeper
just stay away from me bitch , until i need ya
i dont wanna be your boyfriend or be your man
Cuz when i call ya , i only have one plan.
me and my boys r probably drunk as fuck
and when we call you ,we're just looking for that nut!
so get her ass here , hurry up
spread your legs and prepare to fuck
cuz were gonna work your pussy with no mercy
then send your ass home, feeling dirty
In about an hour you'll hear your phone ring again
you know the deal bitch get your ass over
bring your sister , your mom and even your cousin lola
Cuz Mxfo wants simply perfucktion
and your that type of trick bitch , without question!


so what is perfucktion , you still need to ask
its any chick that we can fuck in her ass
nut in her mouth and even her hair
one of them type of bitches that just dont care
her pussy taste like honey, let us bust a nut on her tummy
swallows our cum and says YUMMY!
(this parts JJ talking over the beats to KFC GEE LOC AND PDT)
so what do we call a bitch that likes to fuck?
what about a bitch that likes to be on top?
how about a chick that shares her friends?
and what about a bitch that will that it doggy style then ask for it again?
now what about a trick that calls our house, wants to cuddle after fucking, expects us to take them out to dinner, leaves messages on our answering machine, then cries if we dont talk to her for weeks, or says she ain't in the mood , or that she dont swallow cuz shes afriad she might gag, or says I love you JJ!, or dont give us money, or thinks cuz we all fucked her that shes down with mxfo!
what do we call them?
we dont fuck them hoes , we out the door!
those r the type of tricks that get the smack down! Mxfo style!

talk again
JJ: so all you hookers and hoes dat be perfucktion
you all know we'll be calling you . so sit back relax and let the freak in you come out!
Cuz Mxfo can do dis all night! peace!!!!!! Duce duce!!!!!!!