Weekend Thang (Remix)
Written and performed by Gee Loc
Additional vocals by Faust
Copyright 1995, 1997, BAD MOFO Productions


Leanin' to tha side in my '71 Demon,
Hoes on tha sidewalk all be schemin',
My nigga Faust Fu's in tha passenger sweat,
Pops in a dope tape and turns up tha funky beats,
Open up tha glovebox and pull out a joint,
Some fake ass niggaz are startin' to point,
I flipped a U-turn and Faust Fu pulls out tha glock,
Take care of business and then check tha clock,
Now it's four thirty, time to roll downtown,
Pick up Jasper J and turn tha Dodge around,
We stop by Wienerschnitzel to get some grub,
Aint got no money so we gots to rob,
Jasper J goes to work cuz he's a master thief,
Grabs some corn dogs and some hamburgers with beef,
We hit Faust Fu's crib for some NBA Live,
That game is dope cuz it's for '95,
There's five people there so one's got to sit,
I go out to tha kitchen and start smokin' my shit,
After a few games, it's time for Snaps,
Two of us were watching, tha others played craps,
It's a weekend thang for me and my niggaz,
Next weekend's tha same but then we'll get more liquer.